This form MUST be completed in order for you to book your private vehicle (of 8 or more people - for example people movers, limosine, mini buses, coaches etc) in to any winery for Winery Walkabout 2022.

Once completed and approved, you will be sent your unique log in to the Winery Walkabout Vehicle Booking platform, where you will make your bookings into your chosen wineries.

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Winery Walkabout Code Of Conduct

To ensure a great day out for all, each participant of Winery Walkabout should comply with the following conditions of participation. Our festival is committed to the responsible serving of alcohol and we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for our guests and staff and want to abide by our legal obligations under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

We respect our community and encourage all participants to leave the premises in a manner that does not disturb the amenity of the area.

We know that you will agree with the sentiments of this policy, and it is understood that you agree to abide by then when you participate in the festival.
  • Drinking of alcohol on all buses is forbidden. The driver has the right to stop the bus and remove any patron who is found to be drinking on the bus. In 2022, wineries will be refusing entry to buses where they believe patrons have been consuming alcohol on the buses.
  • Behaviour on buses by patrons must be civilised to ensure the enjoyment of all patrons at the festival.
  • All buses must have registered their bus with Winemakers of Rutherglen and received their unique registration number. This in turn gives you access to book in with individual wineries via our online platform.
  • You will be denied entry to a winery without a prior booking through our online itinerary booking platform.
  • All buses must have a sign in their window with their unique Walkabout bus registration number so we can easily identify your vehicle.
  • All buses will be greeted at wineries by a winery representative, who has the right to inspect the bus and refuse entry of any patron, or an entire bus.
  • Water and or non-alcoholic beverages will be available at each participating winery.
  • We reserve the right to limit the quantity of alcohol consumed by any particular guest.
  • We reserve the right to stop the supply of alcohol to any festival participant if it becomes apparent at any time that the participant is intoxicated.
  • Participants who are intoxicated will not be served any alcohol and will be required to leave the premises.
  • It is an offence for a patron to refuse to leave a licenced premises when asked, if they are drunk violent or quarrelsome.
  • Staff at wineries has the right to request ID.
  • State laws prohibit the sale of liquor to persons under the age of 18.
I have read and agree to the Code of Conduct for Winery Walkabout outlined above

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Chartered (driver provided)
Privately driven
CHARTERED = a driver has been hired with the company to drive you around. PRIVATELY DRIVEN = a friend/family member is driving the vehicle.

Terms and Conditions


1. Drinking of alcohol and/or open alcohol on all buses is strictly forbidden
2. Behaviour on buses by patrons must be civilised to ensure the enjoyment of all patrons at the festival.
3. All vehicles carrying 8 or more people must book arrival times at individual Rutherglen wineries. This is the responsibility of the group organiser, and your vehicle will be refused entry to wineries without a prior booking made directly with that winery.
4. All vehicles carrying 8+ people will be greeted at wineries by security, who have the right to inspect the vehicle and refuse entry of any individual patron or the entire group.

Ticket Advice

Entry tickets for Winery Walkabout 2022 MUST be pre-purchased before the event.

CLICK HERE to buy your entry tickets for all passengers on your vehicle before arriving at the event.

Tickets sell out every year, please make sure you buy yours as soon as possible.